Security at Merrchant

Merrchant Data Securities and Configurations

Thousands of business trust our software for completing their security needs. Security of your business is our priorities. Merrchant services take care of each business whether it is individual, small, medium or large firms. Security of your personal data, files, project information and interactions with customers data all are safe with merrchant experts and technologies of merrchant.

The techniques used by our experts in accounting software is to ensure that your data is protected and safe with us. As we provide you easy using methods to secure your data. Our Merrchant Accounting is divided into many categories of security.

Physical Security

  • 7*24*365: Our accounting software security is accessible for 7 days, 24 hours and 365 days a year.
  • Centers Security: Merrchant centers are under tight security and handled by the security employees who keep watching 24 hours on centers.
  • Biometric Systems: Employees or others have to face the verify thumb press than only they have permission to enter premises.
  • Camera Vision: 24 hours premises are under vision of camera centers.
  • Secret Locations: The servers of Merrchant accounting software has not disclosed in front of everyone, few of experts know the locations.

Security Features

  • Secure Connection: Data of customers are transferred on highly secure 256 bits HTTP connection. We are certified by leading authorities COMMODO. The techniques which we use for maintaining security is something unique.
  • Built-In Firewalls: For protecting data from hackers, intruders or theft we have the specialist in the team to manage the security. We also have the multiple features of security like Operating system lockdown, device change locks or centralized authentication.
  • Converting Data Storage: Data of customers converted directly using unique conversion methods (AES) 256. The financial data of our customers and company is this much secure that even merrchant employees can’t access it.
  • Timely Backups: Along with data security you should be assured that your data is recovery system or get recover automatically. Merrchant data is recovered automatically every hour. All recover data or backup data is absorbed for weeks. Even in a natural disaster, you can feel safe that your data is in safe hands because merrchant keep backups of business data safely.


You can contact Merrchant if you have any queries, Feel free to call us at 8888839939

Security at Merrchant