Privacy Policy

This statement of privacy policy applies to To make use of Merrchant platform, you agree the terms mentioned in the privacy policy, it may be updated from time to time.   

Here at Merrchant, we understand and respect your online privacy requirements. Below mentioned are the ways your personal information will be used and secured by Merrchant.

In case you have any issue regarding the data usage policy or any concern, connect with our professionals for clarification.

Details needed and its Use

Personal Information:

To proceed further, you will be requested to go through the registration process for which your name and email addressed is must. This will ultimately be used to prove you with the access to your user account. During the process, you will find some security question and answers that will in future be used to reset your password. Moreover, with your name and email address, you will get the details about the recent additions in the service, upcoming events and/or change in privacy policy.

As a part of using the service of Merrchant, we get the access to third party information shared by you including contacts of your Merrchant mail account. It will cover details such as contact number and email address and physical address. These details will only be used to make our services meet and exceed your expectations.

None of the details will be shared to third party for promotional purposes.

In an event when you want to refer our service to any of your friend, we will need the name and email addresses to process further and send a one-time email. Your connections can get in touch with us in case they want us to remove their details from our database.

To make people aware of our quality service, we include customer reviews on our website. We can include the name and other details of the customers to post these reviews. We will ask for permission from customers prior posting the details and review on the website.

Details of Usage

We at Merrchant work restlessly to make our services better. Time, duration and frequency of use, use of storage space and features and others will be needed to enhance the quality of our services.

Your User Account Contents

We retain some information and data from your user account for many benefits we can offer.

From emails and documents to other details, we maintain and store files and also keep copies as backup. It is necessary to prevent data loss and system failures and maintain data effectively on our server even in case of deletion or termination of your account.

Other reasons to keep your user account contents are to comply with the regulations and/or resolve any future disputes. We retain the rights to make use of these details in case of legal issues.

None of the details will be used for advertisement or marketing purposes.

Details we acquire will not be disclosed to anyone, not even the Merrchant employees unless it is required by the law in disputes.

Information related to Payments

A few details will be stored by us to make paying for the service easier and hassle free. All the details will only be used for transactional purposes only.

We will collect the name and address of the cardholder, last four digits of the credit card and its expiry date.

All the needed details will be stored in encrypted form on the servers of our reputable payment gateway service providers almost alike other online transactions.

Details of Visitors  

The user details we get are for the purpose of making improvements in our website and enhancing user experience.

We collect IP address (Internet Protocol Address), type of browser and its language, type of operating system and its time zone, referring links and files accessed by the user.

To make services flexible, we collect the details of error generated while visitors browsing the website.

All the details will be kept in a log file and will automatically link with previous details we retain from you.

About Tracking Technologies and Cookies

To enhance the quality of our services, we make use of both the temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies will automatically be removed from your system once your close your browser.

While choosing the option “keep me signed-in”, a permanent cookie will be stored in your system. Once this option is enabled, you will no more be in need of providing all your details and passwords to access your account.  

You may find yourself restricted to utilize registered areas of the website in case you have turned off the cookies.

To recall and maintain your preferences on the website, your email address and cookie information is combined.

A few of the technologies such as tags and scripts, cookies and beacons can be used by Merrchant and our affiliates, reseller partners and or analytic service providers. Analyzing trend is important and this is the reason why we make use of such technologies.

We track users’ movements on our website, collect demographic details and more about our valuable users. We can collect these details in case of user as an individual or as a company.

Re-targeting or Behavioral Targeting

Advertisements on our website are managed by third parties. They are allowed to make use of technologies such as cookies to retain the details about your activities and movements.

These details are necessary so as to provide you with advertisements related to your interest and browsing activity.

At any point, if you don’t want to receive advertisements related to your activities, feel free to connect with our professionals.

External Links on Our Website

We have got some external links on our website to make the content more and more informative and easy to read.

Merrchant is not responsible in case of use of misuse of details retained by such external websites.

We suggest you to go through the Privacy Policy of other websites and assure your safety prior sharing and personal information.

Login through Federated Authentication

Alike Facebook Connect, there are more sources that are dedicated to offering Federated Authentication; you can feel free to login to our website in this way.

This service will need authentication of identity, your email address and other detail needed in signup form.

Where and to whom we Share the Information

From business partners and affiliates to service providers and resellers, we can share the details and data to improve our services.

There may be various reasons we may need to share the personal details. It can range from payment processing and analytic requirement to database management and data storage.

Services we get from these partners make it important to share some important and personal details with the partners. In case any detail will be shared from our end to any of our partner, we will ensure that the concerned is utilizing best security measures, confidentiality while adhering to the privacy policy.

Details shared by us are followed by all the measures mentioned in the privacy policy. We never sell your personal information to the third parties. Your demographic information can be share with our business partners and advertisers.

In the event when sale, merger or acquisition will take place, or any change of ownership, prior notice will be provided via email.

How Secure is your Personal Information

Your personal information is highly secure with us. We protect the unauthorized access, changes in your data, destruction or disclosure of your personal information.

From your user name and password to all your transaction related details are secure by industry appropriate measures. It involves all the processes related to data collection and processing, storage and so on.

Your user name and passwords are confidential, sharing is limited to Merrchant service and employees who need this information to make our services better.

 We can use the Information you want to Share

Any improvement in the service or any addition will be notified through email time to time. You can opt to not to receive newsletters and other informative material by contacting our professional executives.

Please note that essential messages such as transactional ones will be kept on coming in your inbox.

Accessing, Editing or Removing your Personal Information

We can provide you with the details about all the personal information we have. You can connect with our dedicated team of professionals in case you want to make any change in your personal information.

Illegal Activities and their Investigation

Any potential violence of the terms and conditions by Merrchant or in case of illegal activities, we may have to share the information with our employees to assess the situation or do the necessary investigation. If needed, we will cooperate with the legal authorities in case of legal issues.

You will be Notified in Case of Change

Modification in the privacy policy will be notified prior 30 days.

You will be informed about the change through email. In case when changes made in the policy affect your legal rights, you can provide Merrchant with a notice same is to terminate the service.

In case you don’t notify and continue to use the services for the mentioned time, it will be considered as your agreement to the made changes. Even the minor changes will be notified through emails.

 About Blogs and other Forums

Our website supports Facebook and Twitter buttons so that you can share directly what you find interest in.

You can feel free to share the articles on different platforms. It may collect your IP address; it works as a bridge to make your sharing experience enjoyable.

We need registration process to be completed if you want to publish any information. We need our users to be cautious in disclosure of personal information.

Contact Us

In case you have any query or concern related to the privacy policy, feel free to connect with us.