Merrchant GDPR readiness

Merrchant is now Ready for GDPR

For Merrchant data security and the protection of their users is the first priority for them, we always respected the information of merrchant users we never asked them for personal information beyond information required for merrchant services. Merrchant is very conscious to the privacy of users so GDPR gave a new opportunity to make privacy culture stronger.

Ready For GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation is an EU citizens privacy and data protection law which give more control or access over the personal data of business or an organisation. The main motive of GDPR is to provide protection on a personal data of an individual. Under the GDPR rules, data not only data of an organization is safe with them or under in strict rules along with them a person who collects or manage it will be legally allowed to protect it from misuse. Ultimately GDPR is formed to give more legal obligations to a person who process the data or how it is accessed, by creating conditions of high-level legal liability.

  • Merrchant had appointed best privacy team members and now we will select Data Protection Officer (DPO) very soon for the team handling.
  • We keep details of each and everything related to privacy factors what we do or what we don’t.
  • Always Merrchant is ready to hit for a new certifications in privacy and security sector.
  • We had gone through the operations, process, products and management with the help of audits if somewhere we lack so merrchant team members solve problems and issues as soon as possible.
  • Merrchant revised the privacy policies whenever it is required for upgradation.

Merrchant GDPR readiness